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Car rental Baillif - Basse-Terre


Baillif - Jumbo Car Baillif Basse Terre

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Rent a Car in Baillif

Guadeloupe is one of the most beautiful islands of the Caribbean. White Sand beaches, waterfalls, hiking trails, coral reefs.... You will be happy here, for sure !

In order to fully enjoy your stay in Guadeloupe, you have no other choice but to rent a car. the public transportation network is very limited. The car is the only reliable solution to move around in Guadeloupe.

Having a car is also the cheapest way to visit the region. Almost all activities are free and Fuel is usually cheaper than in Europe. Don't forget, the more passengers in the car, the cheaper the price. Also, note that when you rent a car you are free to go wherever you want, whenever you want, which is priceless !

What Car should you rent in Basse-Terre ?

In Basse-Terre, it's better to have a car with a powerful engine filled with Diesel to go up the hills.

Where can I pick-up my car ?

Car rental agency Baillif

To pick up your car at our agency in Baillif, you need to be driven there. There are a few buses that go to Baillif but it is better not to count on them... You might wait hours before you get one.

If you arrive to Guadeloupe by boat, it might be interesting to get your car in Baillif if the boat drops you there. However, if you arrive by plane, it is better to get your car at the Jumbo Car Airport Agency.

Otherwise, there is another Car Rental Agency in Gourbeyre if this city is closer to you hotel. You will find it right behind a store called "BUT".

International Airport Pôle Caraïbes of Guadeloupe

When you arrive in Guadeloupe, the best is to rent a car at the airport. Public transportation is very limited on this territory and not really reliable nor comfortable.

You will quickly understand why renting a car is the only choice you have. Therefore, ease your life and get your car at the airport right after you get off the plane. You will then be able to visit the island at your own pace and only do whatever you want. Earn some time and take your car where it's the best for you.

You can also choose to pick it up in our Agency at Le Gosier or Sainte-Anne.

You are on vacation on the most beautiful part of the world, don't waste your time waiting for buses that might never come. Plus, picking-up your car at the airport means that you will also drop it off here before you take your plane back home, which is also very convenient.

Find a cheap car hire in Baillif

Book you rental car online

To rent a cheap car in Baillif, you will need to book it online on our website. There are fewer cars in this agency. Therefore, if you book in advance, it leaves us time to move our cars from the airport to Baillif.

If you go straight to the agency, you take the risk having the car you want unavailable. Moreover, with last minute booking, we have no time to organize perfectly our fleet and might not be able to offer you the best prices.

If you book online, you can be sure you will have the best prices and the car you want, with no wait !

Driving in Baillif and in Basse Terre

If you know how to drive in France, you know how to drive in Guadeloupe. Easy, the rules are the same !

Except for secondary roads and small paths, the roads are mostly well-maintained. The maximum speed limit you will find is 110km/h and there are no toll, but many speed cameras. Pay attention !

Fuel Price in Baillif

The Fuel price change every first day of every month and stay the same in every gas station foro the entire month.

In June 2021, prices are :

  • Diesel : 1.36€/Litre

  • Essence: 1.64€/Litre

What to do in Baillif and in Basse-Terre ?